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  •  Vineyards tour in Champagne 

    champagne_cave-p.jpgGrapevines have existed in Champagne since the tertiary period, but the romans where the first to undertake systematic wine production.

    John Maynard Keynes once remarked that his major regret in life was not having consumed enough champagne. However many champagne houses of Reims and Epernay offer free samples of the wines of kings and king of wines to polish off their tours.

     You mustn't miss Champagne, a region for prestigious wines and great names; visit the kilometres of cellars carved into the limestone.
    The Côte des Blancs gives us Vertus and the elegance of the Blanc de Blancs. The Vallée de la Marne brings you wine in presses, fine cellars, tiny villages bordering the Marne.

    Further on we come to the châteaux. That of Condé en Brie belonged to the Marquis of Sade.
    Now continue into the Aube. Do not miss the Côte des Bar, with its typical villages where many hours of sunshine give the Champagne its subtle flavour...

     Don't forget to visit the caves located in Epernay's avenue de Champagne.

    Tourist office of Epernay : Phone (33) 26-53-33-00 . Fax (33) 26-51-95-22